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Deblur It - fix photo blur!

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Auto translated from English. Read below for English descriptionDeblurIt是一个专业的方式来锐化模糊的照片。它提供了无与伦比的清晰度,并成功地消除运动模糊,焦模糊,高斯模糊的图像。修复照片模糊,锐化模糊的图像DeblurIt!它使用反褶积技术的基础上的渐进式算法。同时常用的“不清晰的面具”过滤器检测到的边缘,并将其添加到原始图像中,反褶积内约恢复原来的状态,并修复照片模糊的图像信息。解卷积完全恢复的照片大的缺陷,恢复丢失的细节。 DeblurIt是唯一的应用程序,支持Android的反卷积(2013年2月28日)您还可以使用更标准的方式,消除模糊的不清晰的过滤面罩。它是最适合小缺陷。自动模式使用USM锐化快速去模糊的照片。
* Pro版本没有广告
DeblurIt is a professional way to sharpen blurry photos. It provides unrivaled clarity and successfully removes motion blur, out-of-focus blur, gaussian blur from your images. Fix photo blur and sharpen non-blurred images with DeblurIt!It uses progressive algorithms based on deconvolution technology. While commonly used "unsharp mask" filter just detects the edges and adds them to the original image, deconvolution uses information within the image to approximately restore the original state and fix photo blur. Deconvolution perfectly restores photos with large defects, recovering lost details. DeblurIt is the only app that supports deconvolution on Android (28.02.2013)You can also use unsharp mask filter that removes blur in more standard way. It is the best fit for small defects.Auto mode uses unsharp mask to quickly deblur the photo.
Key features:
* Use auto mode to quickly increase sharpness and deblur your photos.
* Two completly different approaches (deconvolution filter, sharpen filter) to restore blurry photo covers both large and small defects.
* Compare original image with restored one using preview button
* Capture photos using your camera without leaving program
* Supports images up to 4096x4096 (depends on your device RAM)
* Fast image processing
* Works in background, notifies user when the process is done
* custom settings and save path for both filters
* Export to PNG and JPEG
* No ads in pro version
* Feedback
* Processing in grayscale
Q: I am getting "File not found" error. What should I do?A: Try another file manager.
Q: Application is terminating with "Out of memory" error while deblurring image.A: Try cleaning up RAM. Change maximum output size in settings.
Q: Program is not working on my image. What am I doing wrong?A: Make sure you are using deconvolution method to deblur your picture. Try another blur type, radius, etc. Application works well on average case.
Q: How do I use deconvolution method to deblur picture?A: Select deconvolution method in the top right of the screen. Then select blur type, set smoothness to 30-40 and try changing radius to get appropriate result.
Q: Where do I change application mode (manual, auto)?A: You can find this in settings.
Q: I have some questions about the application. How can I contact you?A: E-mail us at
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